Cardozo Health and Fitness Club seeks to improve the cumulative health, well-being, and happiness of the student body at Cardozo by providing opportunities for students to take study breaks in a personally beneficial and fun manner - physical exercise. 
Cardozo Health and Fitness Club aims to bring the Cardozo community closer together by providing a positive, encouraging environment in which students of all fitness levels can exercise comfortably, meet new people, make friends, network and develop relationships. 
We will be
organizing various entertaining activities that will benefit your health and fitness: Wall climbing, Skiing, Ice-Skating, skydiving, Whitewater rafting, shooting range, hikes, Kayaking on the Hudson River, rollerblading, running, and so much more. 

***We have bi-weekly runs so add yourself to our facebook group to receive updates!
Board Members
Co-Presidents: Zhanna Dovordzhginidze & Benjamin Joslin
Treasurer: Jeremy Davidson
Event Co-coordinator: Natalia Belkin